Studio Apartments:  Click here to see the floor plan. 

*Please note that by the time you apply and are accepted for membership, studio availability may change.

Many of Washington Studios' 39 live/work units retain the chalkboards and cloakrooms of the former classrooms; the original gymnasium running track was preserved, too, as a balcony in each of two split-level units. Shared amenities include 2 galleries, a performance space, clay studio, 2 multi-purpose rooms, 4th floor meeting room, 3rd floor laundry room, a project raw room/spray area, kiln room, and a large parking lot.  The building’s character has been preserved to a great extent, retaining many of the historic elements.

Cooperative living can provide you with more control over your living and working space than traditional rental housing. It may also afford you the opportunity to collaborate and share professional and artistic resources with other members of the cooperative.  In order to live in the cooperative you must apply for membership.

Artspace Projects, Inc. and the cooperative are committed to attracting creative individuals from diverse artistic and cultural backgrounds who are of low to moderate income. We encourage all people in the creative arts to apply regardless of race, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation and status with regard to public assistance or physical challenges. The Cooperative is especially interested in individuals who are committed to building community and willing to give some of their time and energy to the Cooperative each month.

We are always accepting applications from artists involved in any medium:  culinary, sound, visual, film, literary, martial arts, dancers, singers, poets, bead makers, painters, photographers or whatever you do that makes you an artist.



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